Directions To A Concert.

By Macon Holt

Photo on 12-07-2014 at 13.08“I’m so sorry Edwin couldn’t be here today Charles. It’s just this city y’know, if it’s not one thing it’s
another, I’m sure you understand”, explained Paul Brewer of the MoL office. Only a cynical person would have described Paul’s tone as insincere, but such a person would have been right. When meeting someone serious, someone of influence, not just some white public impressed by arcane verbiage, Edwin could easily be a hindrance. “We just thought, what with the event bearing down on us, as it is, we should really get a motor on. Get some momentum behind the logistics”.
“Paul, I could not agree more, and given that today is a Saturday, only a week to go, I’m sure Mayor Gilbert…”
“Please Charles, call him Edwin. Edwin likes to seem approachable, which he is.”
The interruption caused a pause.
“Okay, Edwin must have had a particularly pressing engagement to keep him away, we know how he so wants to encourage a convergence of cultural and commercial life in the city, and we appreciate it. We’re just so glad to have your good self and?” Continue reading